Rubber is one of the important raw materials in the modern society. It is widely used in many fields such as automobile, medical, daily use, electronic and so on. It has a direct impact on human life and industrial production. In recent years, in the automotive, tires and other rubber products industry, driven by the development of China's synthetic rubber industry is rapid, China has become the world's largest rubber importer and intermediate consumer

In 2008, subject to raw material price volatility, changes in the exchange rate of RMB, and factors such as the global financial crisis impact, over the years has remained high growth of China rubber and plastics products industry is facing a severe test. Although the current global economic form is still very low, but the central government has been through the expansion of domestic demand market, the revitalization of key industries and other comprehensive measures to stimulate product consumption. In the promotion of the RMB 4000000000000 yuan investment, the project has begun to recover. According to the forecast, in 2009 the foundation construction investment will drive the engineering tire demand growth 15% above. As long as the enterprise to improve the existing products and technology, to develop a diversified sales channels and expand the source, will be able to find opportunities in the face of adversity, the crisis for the turning point.

Sponsored by Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. the 23rd session of the China International Exhibition on plastics and rubber industries (hereinafter referred to as "Chinaplas 2009") will be in May 2009 18 to 21, the return to Guangzhou, and in Asia's largest exhibition hall - China Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall. The organizers Adsale Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. project director Ya Chi Liang said: "economic downturn of the moment is getting weak opportunities, whether should we organizers, exhibitors and buyers took the opportunity to consolidate operations and lay a good foundation, break out, the future market better prepare adequate preparations. For preparatory "Chinaplas 2009", the organizers will not reduce to inject exposition of resources, but in the visitor promotion increase in times of resources, to ensure fair overall quality to win successive, the exhibitors and buyers can search the machine operators in this difficult economic environment, with the industry hand in hand with the cross wind and rain greet rainbow. "

"2009 Chinaplas" exhibition scale of 140000 square meters, compared with 2007 Guangzhou exhibition scale growth of 30%. Exhibition will have more than 30 countries and regions 1900 exhibitors exhibitors, for plastic rubber application enterprises to show the tip of the raw materials, equipment and provide the most effective product solutions. Has confirmed exhibitors rubber enterprises including Luen Thai, Clariant, Wacker chemical, Asian polymerization, Taiwan polymer, Hao based chemical industry, fluorine chemical, RJM, Hetai, Cabernet, Shin Etsu, makema, Huashun Xingye, Bai Hong, Huaxia Haiwan, jinfuliang, Yangming and so on. They will show exhibits include: connection to silicone silicone rubber, rubber oil seal, thermal plastic elastic body, PE and EVA plastic raw materials, rubber mixing rubber, rubber injection molding machine, waterproof rubber ring, rubber ring, rubber mats, rubber throat, rubber, rubber toys, tires, rubber track, rubber stopper, rubber tube, rubber jacket, rubber shock absorber, rubber extruder, microwave curing, salt bath vulcanization.

"2009 Chinaplas" is expected to attract more than 70000 professional visitors at home and abroad. As of February this year, has been from more than 100 countries and regions of the audience through the pre registration. In addition, the show will have a number of overseas buyers from Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam, etc.. Domestically, multiple applications industry buyers mission will also attend the meeting, including: China Packaging Federation Committee of plastic, Guangzhou City Building Decoration Association, plastic additives professional committee, Shanxi Association of plastic, Shantou plastic chamber of Commerce and industry, Shunde household electrical appliances chamber of Commerce, Wenzhou Plastic Association. This shows that buyers at home and abroad take a positive attitude, to meet the financial crisis brought about by the opportunity.

With the development of relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits of concern, "Chinaplas 2009" will be held to the same period "2009 on both sides of the Taiwan Straits plastic industry co operation and Development Forum", this activity but history for the first time by the two plastic industry experts on the new situation of the development of the plastic industry across the Taiwan Strait and facing the challenges and opportunities for open, facing the surface and high level of discussion and communication, will become the focus of the industry. Furthermore, reconstruction of earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan is expected to infrastructure projects with a total investment of more than 1.7 trillion yuan, to be held in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games will create value of 20 billion yuan venue construction projects, and the state issued a 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion plan for municipal construction, health care, rural construction to promote, exhibition will be added to the "plastic building materials exhibition" and held "heart of Sichuan." plastic "future" as the theme of the activities, the construction industry in the rubber and plastic building materials procurement to provide more quality choices.

"Chinaplas 2009" is by Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. sponsored, China Light Industry Federation - China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Foreign Trade Center (Group), China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., wide East Province Plastics Industry Association, Shanghai Plastic Industry Association and Beijing Ya exhibition services Co., Ltd. Co, and won many domestic and international professional association strongly supported.

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