Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce recently on the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) hot issues accepted the Xinhua news agency and other central media interviews. Gao Hucheng said that the Chinese side in line with the WTO rules, to promote economic integration in the Asia Pacific region are open to the system of economic integration. October 5th, the United States and other 12 countries and trade ministers issued a joint statement, announced the end of the TPP negotiations. In this regard, Gao Hucheng said that all areas of regional free trade arrangements are likely to have a certain trade and investment diversion effect on non members. For the impact of the TPP, the Chinese side will be in accordance with the relevant aspects of the formal announcement of the text of a comprehensive, systematic assessment.

Next year, the car repair technology information will be open to all maintenance operators and consumers. October 8th, from the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other 8 ministries jointly issued the car repair technology information disclosure management approach (hereinafter referred to as the way), since January 1, 2016, a clear car producer should use online information disclosure, public sales of car models of maintenance technology information. The "approach" requires that the vehicle should be used in the form of information, convenient information channels, reasonable price, to all maintenance operators and consumers without distinction, no discrimination, no delay to open the sale of car models of maintenance technology information; not by setting technical barriers to eliminate, restrict competition, blockade or monopoly car repair market.

China will introduce the top-level design of the reform of the rural price ladder. According to the "Economic Reference News" reporter understanding, there are 80 County pilot reform of agricultural water price, our country will be in 45 during the study presents on promoting the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price. Reform goal is to establish a mechanism for the use of water and more money, that is, in general, not to increase the burden on the farmers, to promote water conservation. According to the reporter, the research and development of the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price reform is mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the total water control and quota system, the two is the water rights transfer system. For the latter, the water rights exchange, led by the Ministry of water resources, is being submitted for approval in accordance with the procedures, and will be set up this year. It is understood that the company has been preparing for nearly three years, its business framework, including the transfer of water rights, related projects and equipment bidding, the relevant business property and physical transactions, water rights assessment, water rights and other financial.

In 2015 the domestic and foreign news | hot Politics (October 9th)



In 2015 the domestic and foreign news | hot politics

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