Comply with the market trend, the company nearly three years of product strategy will be to the high school low three grades of plastic daily necessities, with the advantages of these products in their respective markets, prices, services, and gradually expand the depth and breadth of the company's business.

In order to allow more companies to get the company's rapid, effective service, should the company's requirements, the current domestic search for intermediaries and distributors, the addition of agents. We still have more than 80% of the market to be developed. Huge market, huge development opportunities, I sincerely welcome you to join!

Even if you do not have any investment funds, but as long as you have the channels and the integrity of the professionalism, I believe you will be able to achieve a good start to get rich!

Agent content:

[1] as an intermediary, do not need any conditions, as long as the promotion of the company's products, or directly in the circle of friends to lobby the possible demand, introduce customers to the company, should be the actual signing of the price, with a solid credit guarantee to give you 5%-1/3 return.

[2] as a dealer can pre purchase plastic products of the company, and in your store to vacate a display space, the company to provide quality products and many still in a seller's market, that will definitely bring you unexpected bonanza. And to ensure that no matter what the reason for the reasons for the dealer to return, the company has no conditions to return part or total amount.

[3] as a regional agent, without any investment, only need sufficient capacity and appropriate conditions, the total company after examination, will grant the right to work from your regional affairs, and according to the actual amount of the transaction commissioned to give you considerable remuneration.

In improving our products, at the same time, for the technical support of our products, marketing, training and other aspects, we provide the full support of the agents, to provide generous profit margins for the business development of the business to worry about. If you are interested, please contact us!

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