"Understand the pattern of the world's first book: oil war" with a steep drop in oil prices and the devaluation of the ruble, the United States and Russia oil struggle as the background, the war in the Middle East, the war in Chechnya, USSR and the disintegration of the Soviet Union and other major historical events and today's civil war in Ukraine, Crimea disputes, such as the current hot spots in series, to the reader's interpretation of events behind the geopolitical, political factors, such as formation of petrodollars; after the end of the Second World War the United States and the Soviet Union, the European home in the Middle East game, how the United States and Saudi Arabia teamed up by low oil prices contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The book will also introduce the origin of the recent crisis in Ukraine, as well as Russia, the United States, Europe and the game between China's oil development strategy.

Author profile

Wang Wei, freelance writer, investment company consultant. During the University, the teacher for the school's national defense students to teach military theory. The beginning of the end of 2006 for the shipborne weapon "magazine to write strategic political analysis articles, to historical and economic perspective, the international strategic issues analysis, on the interior economy is also involved. Published a best - selling book "read the world pattern of the first book," "read the world pattern of the first book 2", cumulative sales volume exceeded 500000.

Wonderful review

This is a very vulgar world word, the university administration professional people always speak, but speak but the taxi driver. Taxi drivers will speak, but not the truth. First listen to people speak pattern, so popular, so much fun, with the principles of economics, the world changes, talk with gusto.

Professor Zhang Ming, Renmin University of China

* author no as popular as to trick, but with the most easy to understand language to simplify seemingly complex things and give the reader presents a more real world.

Shi Shusi -- "daily worker" news director

] the book author, let me see, is not a simple western strategic thinking of imitation, the thinking is China, like Chinese medicine, compared to the past, let us feel very fresh, but it must be admitted that it is indeed very effective.

-- the author of "the logic of China" by Yoshikazu Kato

Father's quality is how high, the child will be able to fly much higher!



The first book to read the world pattern in the oil war

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